Monday, August 22, 2011

Found my Theme Song!

I've found my theme song!!! It just makes you want to dance! You can listen here: Move by Mercy Me (Youtube); Lyrics are at: MOVE LYRICS - MERCYME

God is so amazing, you know. He just picks me up where I am and takes off with me. I got the privilege of going to Strathmore with a good friend of mine today and we enjoyed conversation all the way there, and then took separate vehicles back to Calgary. I turned on the radio and all these songs of moving ahead, stepping forward, NOT standing still just seemed to be playing.

This is the time of year that parents are looking to school starting, I'm looking at school starting! I'm registering the boys in all sorts of classes, A is even going into Kindergarten for the first time this year!!! Wow! It's hard to believe my littlest is ready to start Kindergarten, and even more daunting to realize I am sending him to school for it, when it has always been my dream to homeschool.

Reality is... I'm a single Mom. I love homeschooling! It's amazing for me and for the boys, opening all kinds of doors that would otherwise remain closed to them. But, I have to live in reality. I'm going to keep homeschooling C this year. He's not his brother, he's not ready for a school environment, at least not a school that I can afford and get him in this year... so I work towards getting him in the school I want to get him in for next year and make sure I get him help where needed and time to focus one on one with me. So... Tuesday and Thursday are school days for both boys. And then there's the extracurricular activities! LOL It's going to be a fun year. I'm excited about all we have planned and are going to accomplish.

God's got it all in His hands though and I'm okay if He throws some curve balls at me along the way. :) Mostly because His curve balls are ones that aren't going to take me out of the game.

Keep dancing, because even though I might bend in the dips, I'll stand back up. Because things are going to change - and with God in control - for the better... no matter how long it may take when seen through my perspective.

I'm gonna keep dancing through the game, letting Him lead and see where I end up. I'm taking chances, making plans, coming alive. Want to watch the show? I think it's going to be an amazing one!

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