Friday, August 26, 2011

Invisible Injuries

This week I dropped a TV while trying to plug in the cable... The good news is that I broke its fall.  LOL Sadly, my foot did not appreciate this attempt and began to hurt so bad I could walk. Fortunately, I did not break any bones but rather "just" bruised the bone.

Why am I telling you this? All my life, most of my injuries have been invisible. It always seems that no one realizes I am injured or if they can see it, they don't believe it's as painful or as bad as I say. I have a high pain threshold, and don't complain easily, perhaps that is why my injuries seem to be invisible to others. The one time I broke a bone, they didn't put a cast on it. The one time I wore a cast people thought I was faking it. Can't win for losing.

I feel invisible. I feel like I have to be invincible, like if I am not strong enough the world will fall apart. My world will fall apart. Will it? Will I be loved if I am fallible? If I have a weakness, will I survive?

You won't catch me dancing until my foot heals, but you can't see my heart, I'll be dancing there. :)

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