Saturday, September 17, 2011


Many days I just feel alone. The path I have chosen to walk is not an easy one. Not many will walk it with me. Oftentimes those who do choose to walk with me for a short while are only there to tell me how it should be done, to show me how I'm walking wrong. Those people leave me feeling even more alone.

I am blessed to have T in my life. With her, I know that no matter what happens, no matter what choices I make she will stand by me and support me. She doesn't always agree with me, but that's okay because she recognizes that this is my life and I have to make choices that are in front of me. She offers her wisdom and her support, withdrawing neither if I choose to make a different decision than she would have.

I go into crowds of people who used to surround me with love and support and now I just feel alone. I walk through life, same as I did before I left my husband and filed for divorce, yet now I feel more alone than ever. I never realized how isolated I had become until I left and there was no one else there. We all have our lives. We all stay busy. I pray that I can see when others are hurting and just need someone to reach out to them and have a conversation or offer a hug.

I'm hurting today. There are times I can't stop crying. I feel alone, adrift, trapped. Dancing alone is not always fun. I'm going to keep going, I'm never going to give up. I could really use a friend with skin on today though.

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  1. Hey... I wish I could be your friend with skin on today because I really need one, too. It does still hurt and God knows I agree with you on the alone aspect. I've never felt this alone in my life - deserted by nearly everyone.

    I am here, just not close enough for coffee and a chat in person. Love to you.